Allegiances wane after Ukraine killing

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Village woman’s roadside execution highlights escalating tension between civilians and armed groups.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Ukrainian soldiers….

Honestly, if I were the President of Ukraine, I’d find out who was involved in this shooting and imprison them all for a very long time, if not have them executed.

This jeopradizes EVERYTHING in Ukraine FOR Ukraine.  It’s as if the Ukrainian government in Kiev has no control over their army; no disipline, no organization which means, in the eyes of most of the world, they have no legitimacy or authority to govern and remain in government.

Intimidating isn’t the same as protecting; stirring up trouble in a hostile territory is not the way to win over allies and friends from amongst the people who would otherwise have been your enemy.  The idea is to WIN the Russians over to the Ukrainian side away from the Russians, not to pressure or lord over them.

This is an amateur mistake.  Unfortunately, it could very easily cost Ukraine the possibility of reunification and the legitimacy of the government in Kiev. 

Legitimacy is the only true capital that a government has.  It’s what enables a government to exist, collect taxes and, if they’re wise, spend the minimal amount of tax money needed to effectively and efficiently alleviate perennial and temporary problems that their people experience that they’re able to solve.  You can never have enough legitimacy as a governing faction, because it’s what enables you to weather the mistakes that you’re likely to make.  It pays you, as a governing faction or member more than the salary that you earn because it enables you to have that position within a society in the first place.  No position, no potential for salary or survival, just as if you have no food or ability to survive, you’re not going to be able to do well.  You prioritize the derivative over the principle, you’ll receive neither the principle that you need or the derivative that you want.

That’s how we admire leaders who suffer with or more than we do.  That’s how my own ancestors, the Levites of Israel were given the privilege of governing Ancient Israel’s affairs.  They were denied land and could not eat without the other tribes giving them food.  The social contract is never dissolved, even when direct control mechanisms aren’t present and it is only the foolhardy or stupid who don’t see it or acknowledge it.

That is what makes this incident in the Ukrainaian situation so toxic for Ukraine.  This is why Ukraine shouldn’t be sending troops in there, other than to ensure the Presidential vote on the 25th of May, so that the Russians can be included in the governing of the whole of Ukraine.  That is the tack that should have been taken from the beginning: inclusion, welcoming, the permitting of dissent from the Russians in order to build trust and the manipulation of the Ukrainian Right into a ditch, to build a broad coalition of support in Ukraine for the new government, at the very least, to dissuade people from disregarding and ending contact with Kiev, as has happened in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

I’ve always said that it’s going to take the EU and Russia to rebuild Ukraine.  A shame that our present American government is involved in biting at the Russians and antagonizing the fight while they could be playing a very profitable dance with the Kremlin as a mediator amongst competent other actors.  Amazing that the 24 year old with “no experience” has keener chess instincts than the current governing members of the United States and Ukraine at the very least.  Sure, there’s more for me to learn, always is.  But can you imagine how frustrating it is to watch this sheit-show of “grown adults” stumble over each other for the sake of things that are not important and in ways that only leave them with less than with more.

Think about it.

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