Complex Adaptive Systems in Society and Beyond Our World

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Complex Adaptive Systems have some distinct parts.  It has inputs, which have their own distinct individual and collective characteristics, the environment and its conditions, and natural laws and parameters which are always subtly enforced within the environment.

Individuals interact with one another and the environment within the context of the natural laws that exist and define the system to produce the complex behavior that defines complex adaptive systems.  The dynamics then shape and reshape the individuals, the environment and the world as a whole within the context of the preset system parameters and laws.

It should be noted that while some of the natural laws are universal, and are likely to encompass all universes, there are some laws which are only applicable within a given context of the universe (a kind of sub-section of the natural law of the universe).  These lower level laws must be in accordance with the higher level laws and are only derivatives of the natural laws.  An example of these lower level laws are the deep social laws and sensibilities of a given culture and/or society.  These are products of the collective and individual preferences of a given social group, which changes over time and is more or less specific to a given culture and society, yet is nothing more than a product of the brain chemistry and the laws of neuro-psychology, biology, chemistry and physics.  There are then genetic and memetic components to culture and society.  The only thing that is relevant to nature is how adaptive these societies and cultures are to changes within nature and within themselves and peoples from different cultures come and go, and as sensibilities, knowledge and perceptions change; how well they’re able to remain a coherent unit in spite of internal and externally caused tumult and chaos.

In the end, we are all subject to natural law first, which is above and beyond the written laws that we have invented within our societies to produce a kind of order within these societies to discourage anti-social behavior and promote pro-social behavior. It is better to make the written laws work in accordance with the natural laws as to how things actually work in the context of social, economic and ecological physics; the laws that govern the dynamics within our individual and collective societies, economies and environments without our written laws.  Sometimes our written laws cause us to run afoul of the natural laws, thus disabling our abilities to be well, survive and live happy and fulfilled lives.  The biggest shame in our present government, is that we have so many people who are cognizant of our written laws (lawyers) working in making and designing policy, but not enough people who are cognizant of the natural laws of a given society, such that they can write laws that actually work as they should and provide the most amount of good and the least amount of harm to the whole human social system.

We live in tribes (nations, ethnicities, cultures, families, neighborhoods, religions, etc).  That seems to be a universal law of humanity, in spite of our actual similarities.  This is not a permanent feature of our species, and I honestly hope we move to a more pro-social attitude with regard to other people we identify as “other” or “enemy”.  But, that is a long time off, and we’re not likely to evolve out of those anti-social conservative tendencies anytime soon.  From this perpsective, you can predict the dynamics of various cultures and societies based on defined interests, actual needs, cultural/character content and proximity (in physical and non-physical terms).  There are a multiplicity of ways of thinking and feeling within and amongst populations.  What works with one group will not work in another group.  Some groups merge more naturally with each other and in general than others.  This is how you predict and show social physics in practice, as it happens in the world around us.  It is only a derivative of the laws of physics which govern our whole universe and the consequences of those laws interacting with the mass and energy that is and was formed and put into the initial universe in which we are living.

Everything in the universe roots back to the very beginning, somehow.  There are no points where the legacy of the beginning of the universe is lost, except in those areas which defy the laws of the universe.  Those aspects which violate the laws of nature either never existed or no longer exist.  Those are the perpetual stakes that we’re playing with when we live in this universe; that some change could happen that we can’t or won’t adapt to and we cease to be as a species.

But the physics remains.  The natural laws remain, in spite of our absence.  The universe itself can still remain without us.  Life can begin again on other planets, if it has not already done so/is doing so as I write these words in May of 2014 HCE (Human Common Era).  And, thus, all is preserved, except that which puts itself in violation of the natural laws of the universe, the natural laws of our universal species and the natural laws of our specific social universes.

Think about it.

Because this is your home.  This is where you live eternally, in the grand scheme of things, whether you’re in your tribe our out of it.

This is, possibly, how the universe actually works.

You can either accept it and go along with it.

Or, you can defy or try to defy natural law, and be eliminated either in the context of the universe, or in the context of your individual society and species.

Please, enjoy!

Think about it.


Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

It occurred to me this morning that this could be the case.  The rest grew out of the original thought that I had on the way to work.

Please, enjoy!


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