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Americans are a difficult to govern people in general because they truly do not want to be governed in the traditional sense of the term.  This has advantages because it enables people to self-organize and to live their own lives and realize their own happiness without having coercion direct them.  The drawback is that it enables predatory people to flourish who can, through their wealth and relative influence on society, be able to take over and coerce the public directly and indirectly into accepting undervalued compensation packages and, thus, less freedom for the masses of the public who have to live with less so that the few can have more that they will not use in the first place.

A strong government that is accountable to the PUBLIC is the best bulwark against these predatory people and the public is the best bulwark against those who will exploit, abuse, and tear down that which they need in order to survive and do well in their own right, be they private members of society or public officials in the halls of consequence, authority and responsibility.

Therefore, the American government needs to negotiate honestly and openly with its public, listening carefully for the implicit and explicit needs of the public, giving as much as it can while maintaining its own legitimacy as government.  This peer to peer relationship between the public and the government is in the best interests of the government, its members and of the general public because it means that the masses of the people are less inclined to eliminate the government, its institutions and its members while the public benefits from having a cost-effective, other-oriented government in place to help cooperate and solve common problems within society and amongst the whole of the world and universal society as a whole.

Americans have to first be unified against the parasitic elements of society and define them accurately in light of common reality (they do not do this effectively) and then, their trust has to be earned back from a myriad of abuses and mistakes stemming from the present and past membership of our government acting on behalf of the truly parasitic people in our world in general.  I testify that these are in accordance with the natural laws of human society and, indeed, possibly all advanced societies of individual sentient beings throughout the universe.  I testify that a culture of inclusion, acceptance, understanding, respect and self-interest as defined in terms of the larger “self” that our whole world composes is the best and optimal way to go, as far as perspective and logic of governing is concerned on a technical level in the universe.

Try it.

And, think about it.

Try it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

I testify that this is the way.

You can and may dispute it.

But we can ultimately test to see if these principles are better than the current small minded, inaccurately sensed way of doing business that we presently have in our society, with regards to our human society as a whole and our environment in which we are all living.

Think about it.


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