New website shows how unions help ALL workers and fight income inequality

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It’s not going too far to say that American workers everywhere benefit on an ongoing basis from the hard work labor unions have done over the past several decades. I work at a non-union company that treats its employees very well.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Well, what can I say?

The unions got corrupted along the way and they lost membership.  The leadership failed to do the job they were supposed to be doing for the workers and things got out of hand from there.

It’s the story of any institution that fails to provide their requisite service onto the public they are bound to be serving, from the Catholic Church to governments to the bankers.  How it is that no one sees the natural checks that are in place in our universe and continue to make the same mistakes as those in the past is beyond me.  We have such potential to learn from our ancestral mistakes and yet, so very rarely do we listen or take the lessons that are clear as day to heart.

If only we had different unions to work for workers and the job that the workers are supposed to be doing, rather than just for the preservation of the union and the job that the union thinks the workers ought to be doing, the unions might come back to prevent the abuses we are currently enduring from the upper crust.  Sadly, I don’t see that happening as the ambitious and tactical tend to win out over the honest and strategic in the short term, which doesn’t do much for the preservation of the system itself in the long term.


Think about it.

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