The deep roots of economic inequality

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Some links to articles about the origins and nature of inequality and how to keep it in check.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Indeed, inequality was, back then, as it is today, just a symptom of a deeper social ill within our species.  The rich aren’t rich because they’re the smarter or nicer or better members of our species.  Rather, it may be that they are the meanest, the most small minded, and the worst members of our entire species, if this evidence pans out in common reality.

These brutes, as it were, were able to capitalize on superior strength, mainly, to get better access to resources.  But to deny the rest of the species the ability to enjoy in the fruits of common labor is to deny the larger aspect of humanity to flourish and to reveal its true colors in the grand scheme of our universe and our consciousness.

How many of people we consider the best come from socially low origins?  How many times do we support and root for those who have nothing and give back over those who either have everything or fail to give back after having nothing?  It’s in our deep cultural, religious and social DNA to want to have an egalitarian society and, I think, it’s the best way to get the most amount of potenital out of a society, as far as productivity, happiness and well being is concerned.

Yet sadly, the brutes just take over or fail to give back if they come from humble social beginnings.  No empathy, no compassion, nothing that really marks them as being human, in the traditional sense of the word.

Personally, I think they are the mentally ill; those with diseased brains who do not perceive or accept the reality that is around them.  They need to be hospitalized immediately and studied, such that we’re all able to live together without their genuinely destructive sensibilities guiding our world.

They will run us into a ditch for the sake of economic and financial wealth.

More like pigs than anything else, although, that’s not a very fair thing to say about the pigs.

Think about it. 

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