Economic Liberty

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We cannot afford to live with the notion that economic or social inequality is a healthy condition for our society and the individuals who live in it on the empirical level. To deny this is to deny history, science and reality, not to mention, the presence and potential of your fellow human beings trapped in a life of drudgery so that you can have marginally more than them.

Inequality will always likely exist, however, in the economy and the dynamics of our social relations. People put in different amounts of work and/or have honestly different preferences and circumstances that they’re going to have to contend with. Sometimes the world eats you, sometimes you eat the world. However, extreme forms of inequality are, actually, dangerous and undesirable for anyone, including for those who already have, because of the negative consequences that pervades in the society that eventually reaches the top and overthrows them. Unless some major plague comes through to wipe most of us off, and thus, make work more expensive, the general public is just going to get angrier and more frustrated with their lot until an opportunity comes along that they can capitalize on collectively and individually. It is not an event that is likely to happen by itself. However, the kegs of powder are being stacked together, thus making the conditions needed for an x-event to occur present in our world. It’s just a question of probability that something large will happen against the favor of the rich and those who have, the simple rolling of the dice where the odds become greater and greater that something large and negative happens in our world.

Therefore, the wisest thing to do would be to take the powder kegs that exist and destroy them, or else, if they can’t be destroyed, to separate them away from one another, such that the more likely explosion of one does not set off all of them. Let wealth be shared out to the workers who produce the goods and services that turn high profits and let companies who send their work overseas be labeled as foreign entities, such that they are no longer considered American companies and can be treated accordingly under US law.

Let’s make it harder for companies to send workers overseas and deprioritize their private profit making for economic soundness and liberty for everyone.

What a concept.

Think about it!

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Poverty and inequality are demons that we choose to live with but honestly don’t have to live with.  They’re dangerous for everyone, including the people who are receiving the excess, because eventually, the public turns against them.

There is no definition of “enough” in Capitalism.  That’s the key flaw that Marx identified and we are, as he predicted, slowly moving into a revolutionary phase where it is likely that the public will split down the middle, conflict, and end with a victory for the working class, because their message is more compelling and they have all the time in the world to spend perfecting, crafting and being corrected by those who would grind them down.

The rich and the psychopaths amongst them will fall.  The questions are how hard and how many of us will go with them.

This can all be mitigated against through policy, attitude and perspective changes, make no mistake.

But it’s a shame that our present set of politicians for some reason can’t, won’t, or don’t see what’s in their interests as the creators of these scenarios, situations an conditions.

Think about it.


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