Toward a Supply Constrained World

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In this installment we discuss the potential role of renewable energy in transition and macroeconomic models in the face of supply constraints.

Justin: I hear frequently on blogs and in other discussions that building renewables won’t work because of what we were just discussing about the drop off of oil production and the difficult economic consequences that such a drop would have, especially later this decade. Could [this fall off in oil availability] prevent us from building out renewable energy infrastructure?

Eli Levine‘s insight:

A shame that the Corporatist Libertarians and conservatives have the delusion that we have an infinite number of resources to draw upon and that we cannot possibly over spend on resources in the pursuit of money and financial reward.

There is only so much stuff in our world, and only so many ways we can feed, water, shelter, treat and educate the public.

We are going to die for the sake of the conservative and Corporate Libertarians’ pay masters and ideological leaders’ extra profit.  Capitalism will kill all of us off, if we are not able to end it on the social level.  We will be ended on the environmental level for the sake of these profit seekers and money-grubbers; void of any human emotion or impetus other than greed and accumulation.

Put them in mental hospitals immediately.  These are sick individuals who believe that there is no limit to what they can and should be able to afford, and they will take us all down, including themselves, for the sake of these beliefs, attitudes and perspectives.

Beats killing them, after all.

Think about it.

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