A Society vs. A Business

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A society is very different than a business.  They both have individuals within them, that much is true.  They’re also nested within the context of the ecological environment.  However, a society is composed of many organizations and individuals, nested within the context of the ecological environment committed to self-preservation, survival and well being in non-monetary senses, while a business is just a singular organization, nested within the social and economic environment, committed to survival and well being only in monetary terms.  The result is that they have vastly different priorities and vastly different methods for going about to achieve those priorities.


A business leader does not necessarily a societal leader make.  Just because you know how your own organization can make the most amount of money at the least amount of monetary cost, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able or willing to solve social problems whose solutions do not necessarily yield monetary benefits to the government or to the society.  Operating a society is a much more complicated and cooperative task, while a business can be strictly dictatorial and competitive.  To grow a society in terms of well being, health and quality of life does not necessarily mean having the government make the most amount of money at the least amount of cost, or having the society make the most amount of money at the least amount of cost (if such a ridiculous thing were possible anyway).  A society is about living, not about money making.  And that’s what a business leader will fail to grasp if they were to enter into government to operate a society from executive, legislative or judicial levels.  They’re really two different beasts, governments and businesses.  While a business position may enhance your organizational management skills, it does not mean that you will understand, appreciate or accept the larger picture and necessary role that a government plays in a given society to cooperatively solve problems within the society.  The hierarchy that exists within a company does not apply within s society, even if it does apply within a government isolated from society.  However, the government is never isolated from society; it feels the negative consequences that it produces in the society far faster than an entrenched business reacting to a negative product.  Yes, competition will more likely, eventually take that negatively acting rogue company down without a government.  However, how long would it take for a competitor to get up and running?  What would prevent the offending company from buying out the competition in order to stay afloat?  How could people take non-violent recourse against such a dictatorial entity as a monopolistic company without a government or with a government whose members are bought and paid for by the compan(ies)?


Capitalism is a self-consuming system when left unchecked by a society acting through the government.  Profits dominate all, and no one in business has a long term incentive to focus on the long term consequences of their actions on the environment and the society, however many exceptions to that rule may exist.  To put yourself under private companies is to put yourself under an ineffectual dictatorship when you’re thinking in terms of societal management.  It’s a shame that so many Americans, especially can’t, won’t or don’t get that concept as it plays out in real life due to ignorance and ideological/identity commitments.


Think about it.





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