A Social Economy


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We need social leaders who govern in the name of the whole economy and the well being of the public.  At this juncture in history, we have been overtaken by those who govern for the sake of individual profits rather than overseeing the economy for the sake of the general public.

The business interests are not the same as the social and economic interests.  One enriches the singular person or family or group at the expense of the overall whole, while the other ensures that all are enriched for the labor that they contribute to the overall economy and business.  A person who flips hamburgers at Burger King plays as integral a role in the company as does the Chief Executive of that company.  Without the burger flipper, cashier, janitor, and the shift manager, the company cannot function.  They deserve a chunk of the profits that are realized from their labor, in proportion to the profits that are made.  This not only ties the individual’s well being and motivation to produce for their respective businesses, but it also enables every individual to partake of and contribute to the function and growth of the economy.

Profit has to be put into perspective in order to have a functioning economy and a healthy society.  The merchants and manufacturers’ interests are likely always going to be set against the interests of the general public, unless the people who are behind said interests are willing and able to put themselves in the perspective of everyone and everything else that is around them.  In the end, it is only going to be with this understanding about the individual self relative to the collective whole that our social world will be at relative peace amongst ourselves, as far as economic activity is concerned.  But, until then, those who don’t, won’t or can’t get that they, individually, are not the most significant aspect of the world are going to have to be blocked against and treated as mentally ill by society.  We cannot afford to have incorrect perspectives and ignorance govern in our world for whatever reason.  That is what we presently have.  And that, is likely how we’re all going to be killed off by those who just won’t pay attention to the larger social, economic and environmental worlds that are around them.

The market must be free to act.  But, in the government, there must be a primarily social logic to how the economy is allowed to organize, not an anti-social one.  This then ensures that the government and its members are able to survive as well as that those in the private industry are able to survive without killing themselves off in the larger social and environmental sense.

Think about it.


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