Chopping at redwood trees for drug money

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It Poachers are cutting huge wooden knots which grow out of ancient redwood trees in northern California. Residents of Orick blame unemployment and drug abuse for the rise in illegal logging in the national park.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

When left to their own devices, the more monkeyish amongst us will destroy our environment and our society for a little extra cash.  That’s all that pure market forces do to our world: change it faster than we can effectively evolve to it, and render the whole thing unsustainable and unlivable.

The more monkeyish among us currently have a stranglehold on our government and our political systems.  This then disables society’s ability to respond to and work with the world as it is, and then sets us all on a course for self-destruction for the sake of these individual’s greed.   It’s time we started labeling greed, as defined by having no control over one’s consumptive habits for one’s small self, as a true mental illness that is dangerous to ourselves individually and collectively.

How much is enough for an individual and/or a family?  How is it that we accept so few to acquire so much at the expense of so many?  This is how a civilization and an economy ends.  All thanks to a few of our more monkeyish brain types got into places they don’t belong, for their own sake, and our own inability to remove them from said positions for their own sakes.   Think about it.

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