US economy shifts into reverse

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The US economy contracted at an annualised pace of 1% in the first three months of 2014, according to the latest official estimate.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

I honestly am not sure it was just the weather that led to this contraction.  If an economy is sound enough, it should be able to defy the weather, to a certain extent, and certainly not contract.

We have an economic perspective that focuses solely on the profits of the companies and not on the well being or the wages of the workers.  Yes, profits may be up.  But since when does that mean that the economy is on sound terms, especially when people are struggling to make ends meet and are not able to provide for themselves or their families?

Why should the rest of us have to alter our lives and make compromises to our hopes, dreams and wishes, not to mention, be so unnecessarily punished for our petty mistakes, for the sake of the marginal profit of a few corporate executives and their wealth?  Why should our freedom be limited for the sake of freedom that they’re not using in the first place?

Think about it.

Because I’m willing to bet that that is the real reason how US economic growth has been so fragile and weak.  We’ve forgotten the average worker, who are many in number, and have prioritized the executives, who are few.  You can’t have a sound economy when so many people are denied access to the economy, and you can’t have a healthy society when the wealthy have so much that they’re not ever going to be able to use in the first place.

Seriously, this is life and death we’re talking here.

Keep playing the same game again, rich people.

Just keep poking.

Think about it.

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