My Dislike of Conservatives Explained


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I hate conservatives, not because of any generality or false image that I have of them, but for what they actually do when they sit in seats of power, consequence and authority.  They ruin economies by channeling everything to the most pollutive and the most destructive, without having any care or consideration for the larger picture beyond the executive board.  They impose artificial and archaic images of how they believe society ought to work without any thought, feeling or consideration for how the society in the given time does work or needs to work in order to survive, let alone, be well.  And then, to top it off, they don’t even have the courtesy to step back, listen, admit they’re wrong and try a different and more sustainable and healthful path for the people who fall under their “leadership”.  They put my health and well being on the line for the sake of imaginary images of how things ought to be by putting everyone and everything elses’ health and well being on the line.

So yes, I hate conservatives in the sense that they put me at physical risk of death for their incorrect beliefs and their authoritarian methods.  However, I’ve got enough care and love within my own system to recognize a struggling people when I see one.  I know, based on my research about their psychology, that they have a difficult time adapting to different circumstances, are loss averse to the extreme and, thus, are more likely to panic and use force to get their ends and satisfy their perceived needs (even if they aren’t in line with their actual needs).  They’re not unlike the rest of us, and that is probably how they’re able to appeal to so many people who consciously disagree with what they’re going for and doing to our world.

That is how I have come to the conclusion that, rather than death and systematic extermination, they need medical care, diagnoses and research done to figure out how to have them live full lives with us.  They need to learn how to cope with their particular brain types, just like any person with schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, or bipolar has to learn to live with their own mental health problems, such that they cause no harm onto themselves, in terms of their small individual self, and their larger social and environmental selves.  It is mercy, understanding, acceptance and a willingness to work with and help the other that will solve the problems of our era.  The same label can be applied to liberals and progressives who are also too keen on ideological biases and beliefs to recognize the common reality in which we all are apart of and to live civic lives that do not cause harm to others within our own society or who live in other societies.  That is how I would label any form of political extremism as a symptom of mental illness and worth getting into treatment post haste.  At the very least, we can learn to identify the behaviors, patterns of thought and, hopefully, the neurology in the brain that characterize political and ideological extremism, such that we can democratically discredit their candidacies for offices which require the utmost attention to reality and a keen technical and systematic know how of how things actually interrelate and function in our complex system of life, the universe and everything.

We may not have the answers to these questions yet.  But we’re certainly capable of finding them ourselves through research and testing, such that we can govern according to natural laws of our societies and our environments, not contrary to them, for maximum benefit and optimal function.

The first step is to identify the demons within us, and then, to identify the demons who are external to us.

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

I truly dislike conservatives and I think it deserves an explanation.

We can only survive with these folks at the helm for so long until society collapses under their stupidity.

Unfortunately, some on the liberal side aren’t much better off to govern our world, due to problems in their own brains with regards to relating to, accepting and working with common reality and natural law.

The universe doesn’t care if we live or die.  All that matters is that we remain focused on the full reality that is present, and abide by the natural laws of our universe.  Otherwise, we’re going to die for the sake of some misplaced belief in an abstract concept called “freedom”.

You wanna die for something that you’re never going to have?


Think about it.


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