Video ‘backs Iran poll fraud claims’

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An Iranian military commander appears to back claims that the 2009 election was rigged against reformists, in a video of a speech.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

And people, mostly conservatives on our end, are still going to believe that the Ayatollahs have absolute control and authority within their country and that is seething against them.

The Iranians, for their part, have a long history of governing liberally and progressively with the people who have fallen under their influence.  It was the key to the Persian Empire’s success and to the success of all subsequent empires and spheres of influence that they were able to produce.  The conservative and authoritarian rule of the Ayatollahs is something that is relatively new in Iran, and it can, potentially, be dislodged if we were to be honest, open and inviting to the people of Iran; make there actually be an alternative to the harshness of the Ayatollahs and their own conservative minions in the international sphere.

Imagine if we would be able to get the Iranian people to openly and honestly ask for Western intervention against their conservative uber lords and we actually allowed them to reorganize according to their own logic and tastes.  Imagine if we could put a barrier in between the conservatives of their country, who are the ones who cause the problems in their society, and the rest of their general public.

Imagine if we could do likewise with our conservatives, such that they can be isolated, removed from and put into mental health clinics for their lack of empathy, understanding, acceptance, acknowledgement and willingness to abide by natural law for their own sakes and benefits, let alone, for our own sakes and benefits.

What if we could remove the sociological and psychological tumor that is conservatism and conservative ideology from our world, at the very least, identifying it and general ideologism as a psychological illness that is a danger to itself and a danger to others when it is allowed to rise into places of power, consequence and authority?

Think about it.

Because until we eliminate the nastiness, the bitterness, the cruelty, the callousness, the greed and the idiocy from our own society, we will be unable to strategically help others do likewise in their own societies.  It’s not about telling people what to do or how to live, rather, it’s a question of helping them move past those who don’t allow others to live and whose brain types are, quite frankly, obsolete and dangerous in our interconnected and well armed civilized societies.

What if ideologism itself, could be considered a disconnection with common reality and something that we could then move beyond together, as a society, such that we’re all able to live lives that wouldn’t hurt others and ourselves at the very least?  There only is common reality, after all.  Nothing can be added or taken away from it, save from what we choose to do with our brains.  And, those brains, have no influence over common reality and its natural laws.

Just try to defy the laws of gravity without abiding by some other law of gravity that we haven’t discovered yet.  Try breaking any discovered rule in our universe, and see how far you get without actually abiding by some other undiscovered rule.

Go on.

Think about it.

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