American Exceptionalism and Coexistence

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Coexistence, noun and verb, it means we all are living together on this planet in the same universe.  We each can (and ideally should, according to our general biology) have our own space.  However, it also means that we live together on this planet, in this universe to solve common problems and to accommodate the rights of each society and identity such that we’re each and all finding reasonable ground amongst the cultures and societies of the world, regardless of history, sentiments and other crap that gets in the way of us achieving the reasoned and sensed ground amongst two or more people(s).  You keep dialogue channels open, regardless of the situation, even if it is necessary for a side to not say anything at all and you do not resort to pettiness.  There is middle ground to all things unless the other side is the one being unreasoned and unsensed about it.  The priority is the homeland and societies who want the right to self-determination and sovereignty, not just to the specific governments of these other societies who may only do a lip service to our society for the sake of international shelter.  It’s time that America WAS the good person in the room at any international table and on the side of the reasoned, universally accepted right of way in any international crisis or situation.  At the very least, we need to stick to our own cultural principles and respect the individual liberty and sovereignty of all societies while promoting genuinely healthy societies and social functions in other societies if, and only if, they collectively want our assistance.  This means allowing societies to figure out what’s best for themselves, according to their own popular logic, rather than imposing our view and vision of how things ought to be in the world.  When we do otherwise, we’re more likely to hurt ourselves and our priorities through generating resentment, bitterness and hostility to our illegitimate interventions.  Thus is how the universal social physics of humanity actually works, even if other societies have their own individual quirks with regards to how things work in their own societies and territories.

The bottom line is respect, understanding and listening.  Sadly, our present American leadership seems more concerned with what they’d individually prefer and what they’d individually like, to the point where we meddle selectively in countries who are too weak or strategically significant to our non-homeland concerns, imposing our operating system of values into social computers that are not compatible with what we’ve got to offer.  We wonder how people go to China or Russia; because they don’t really attempt to impose a value system over people, so long as they’re able to get their hands on their resources to fuel their economies.  We maintain a lot of titular allies who often will work against us and their own society’s social physics.  Our greatest strategic interest at this time is first, the defense of the homeland and our ability to make independent choices.  Our second priority would be to rebuild the social capital that our meddling has ruined, such that we’re a respected member of the international community, not a perceived autocrat over it.  Humans, I think, generally prefer and do better when there is respect and essential egalitarianism, even in power relations.  This is from observations made from history and from communicating with members of other societies.  The city on a hill model and American exceptionalism to the laws, natural and human made, is a counter productive strategy to securing American well being and, oddly enough, the hegemony that it seeks to perpetuate.  You cannot lead if no one considers you as an effective and desirable leader, and no amount of military might or force or language is going to change that universal law of human social physics.  We have to work together to solve common problems and to secure our interests of being a top country.  We cannot work over and above others without obeying the social physics of a given situation and the condition of the world before, during, and after our actions.  That’s not going to change.  Might as well accept it and follow through to do more amazing stuff than you would have done had you ignored social physics and conditions and done whatever popped into your head.

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Indeed, American exceptionalism is probably the most counter-productive an idiotic thing that has entered into the lexicon of language, concepts and beliefs of American policy, at home and abroad.  We are all human.  We are all living in the same universe.  We are bound by the same laws that bind other societies.  And, we are NOT the only standpoint that is out there.


End of story.

Think about it.


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