Exponential Social Destabilization


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When you defund the government in irresponsible, reckless, and unsensed ways that takes away from the government’s ability to hire solid employees who can and know how to do an effective job, you create an exponentially destabilizing crash downward within the society as things get tangibly worse and people blame the government for doing a bad job, thus, causing further defunding and increased chances for incompetence and real waste to get into the government, thus polluting the whole of the human society in which the government exists and, indeed, all human societies on Earth as they’re impacted through worse foreign relations policies and executions of actions.

The best government is neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive one.  You need enough money available to pay people competitively with the private sector in order to get the best workers and managers available, and then you need to promote the latest and most accurate editions of organizational management techniques in order to get the most effectively operational government that is available.  Even Adam Smith, the founder of modern Capitalist thought and ethos, gave the government a broad role in the society to a) provide for the common defense of the society and its sovereignty, b) “protect every member of the society from the injustice or oppression of every other member of it, or the duty of establishing an exact administration of justice” (from the Wealth of Nations itself), and c) to erect and maintain public works and public projects from which a profit cannot be derived in general or without oppressing another member or group of members of a society.

We are living under the social and, more importantly, economic repression of the business and financial elite.  They have used lies and incorrect facts to get their way into power in the 1980’s and have since used the authority that the general public gave them to tear apart the very fabric of our American society and to further pollute and sully our reputation abroad in the world.  The conservative and purely Libertarian stance will most assuredly lead to collapse, chaos and the potential for the establishment of a real dictatorship of the mob, in which nothing, not even violence, will be off the table.  This is why it is so important to no longer listen to the Libertarians or the conservatives or the general ideologues when it comes to making sober, reasoned and truly self-serving policy decisions; because they do not have the capability of making those decisions on the macro level of government for themselves, for others and for themselves through failing to help others.  America will grow into the progressive nation that it was born as, where the markets are allowed to work without getting in the way of the people who make up the market.  There may be blood along the way and much confusion with the whole thing taking much much much longer than it needs to take.  But as a departed friend of mine once said: “always forward, never straight.”  I just wish it wouldn’t come at such a high cost to human life, infrastructure and well being for an indefinite period of time, while the American public imperfectly figures out which side really does love and care for the public and would use the public to improve upon itself and bloom, and which sides would just use the public for its own devices and interests and destroy the society mentally and physically to get at those poorly-prioritized ends.

It’s like watching the person you really love remain in abusive or hollow relationships.  It is impossible to extinguish the flame that will burn eternally for them and the mere presence of that flame will only dampen the light that could go to more fit and arguably more deserving people.


Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

I have lived many lives before this one.  I have seen war, death, destruction, misery, hatred, contempt and all things that we consider vile in the highly subtle hologram that is our image of the universe.

This is just history, falling in line with the natural laws of social, economic and environmental physics.  The government is at the heart of it all.  But it is only the conductor, the chooser of the program that gets operated within the machinery of society, which will either lead to the collapse of the society and the government or will result in the, hopefully permanent, rejuvenation of government, society and all life in the universe.

I miss someone dearly and I wish they could be reading my words.  That being said, it’s absolutely 100% likely that such words will fall on deaf or indifferent ears.  I will still be left alone in this world, even though I have met and seen a woman who is a metaphor for the universe, life and the United States in and of itself.  I have met others who are similar (it seems that I’m attracted to a type).  But fate has said that I’ve got to be alone, at least for the time being.  And, there are no other women like the one I’m referring to, even though our meeting was brief and the time we could have spent together learning about the other was cut short by boobery on both parts.  The universe deems it necessary that I wait.  However, eventually waiting runs its course.  While I’m willing and probably perfectly capable of waiting indefinitely for her (even though I doubt she’d want that), the waiting eventually becomes moot and more for its sake, rather than for teaching and growth.

I miss someone.

And I doubt I will ever really be able to get to know her at all, ever.

Think about it.


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