Las Vegas killers ‘were extremists’

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Two people who shot dead police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo (pictured) and a bystander in a Las Vegas shopping centre were extremists, police tell US media.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

There’s something off about a person’s brain that would lead people to carry out these actions.  Extremists of all forms, especially with regard to non-practical and empirically grounded facts ought to be examined, studied, and treated with all of the benevolence and dignity deserving of someone who has a mental illness.

The thought patterns are off; delusional to the point where they use the conscious side of their brain to justify the non-rational biases and non-factual information that they carry close to their person and their identity.  Violence erupts, and ugliness is brought into the world.

While these people may be highly functional individuals, I do not think that any extremist, particularly those who carry out violence and harm against others, are psychologically fit for holding public office.  Too idealistic to know or to care to know about what the actual facts point to and then authoritarian to boot against those who will inevitably disagree with them on the level of empirical fact and observation.  While conservatives and Libertarians corner the market on these points in the United States at present, it should be noted that there are those on the Left and in the Progressive movement as well who are equally delusional, inclined to violence, and unfit for actually serving in office.  It is the difference between someone with a soldier’s mentality and a statesperson’s mentality.  You need to build on the soldier in order to get a functional statesperson, just as you need to build on the statesperson in order to get a functional soldier.  People have limitations on what they can, can’t or will and won’t do, whether they see them or not.  It is through recognizing the problems that we are able to potentially (emphasis on potentially) begin overcoming them in time.  Otherwise, you’re just going to keep running yourself and everyone who is under your sway into walls.  Not very clever, not very smart.  Yet that is the ideologue’s way of handling the affairs of government, governing and society itself.

Think about it.

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