My Fate; Our Fate

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The conservatives, Libertarians and Progressive ideologues are likely to turn violent as the current governments of the United States prove themselves to be stocked with ineffective, disingenuous, and ineffective leaders for the general public.  The choice before these leaders is to either reform themselves within themselves, or to leave office before they get taken out of office by votes or by force.

The private elites, meanwhile, have to decide whether financial profit, especially marginal profit, is worth dying for and being consumed by through environmental and social factors.

I’m perfectly willing and able, I think, to actually help these folks change their actions, behaviors, insights and structures, in order to have a more functional and healthful society in the United States and in the United States relative to other societies in the world.  The difficulty comes in as whether or not I will be actually able to do so, given the complex mixture of circumstances that have to align in order to make things actually work at the appropriate times.

This is the end of the world as we have known it; a transitory period.  The questions then are: how rough of an end is this going to be, and how much of a challenge will the new beginning be?  That I do not know.  However, I will follow the monks’ advice and abide in Dharma by being mindful of my Karma, even though the blindfold is on and I do not know what is happening in the larger scale of the universe.

Think about it.


Eli Levine‘s insight:

This is the end of the world, but it is not the end of this story.  What role I’m going to play in this transition seems to be still unknown.  I wish that the monks could help me out more.  If only I could get perfect information about my surroundings and myself, such that I’m more able to remain at peace internally.

Think about it.


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