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There are two basic types of social leaders within, at least American, social life, possibly in universal social life.  There are takers and there are givers, with a whole spectrum ranging in between the two polar opposite extremes.

Takers are generally associated with villainous and/or undesired leaders.  These are your Sith Lords, your Voldemorts, your Satans in literature and religious philosophies.  These are those who would, in a state of hunter-gatherer society, be driven out of the small band of humans, or else killed off by the society for being overly aggressive and small-self consumptive for the environment, social and ecological, to handle.  Civilization gives a cover to these folks and enables them to climb to the highest places in our societies through a combination of the gullibleness of many human beings and the fact that the paths to those high places of authority in a civilization depends on an individual carrying out the appropriate algorithm in order to reach those areas of society.  This is something that is learnable separate from general human emotion, human sense of other and human awareness of the environment.  They exhibit a certain spectrum of primary personality traits, including aggression, hatred, lack of care, concern or interest in others or the environment, and the insistence that all bow before their desires rather than the allowance of others to be who they are and to do what they wish without causing harm onto others.  These folks reflect the negative aspects of our universe while they absorb and use the good aspects for survival, much like how plants reflect the green light and absorb other spectrums of light for energy.

The givers, meanwhile, are those leaders who sacrifice and give to the public what they need and do so without much consideration of self.  These folks are generally not seen as leaders by the masses, owing to their generally humble, kind and benevolent nature.  They sometimes may lack the predatory senses of the takers, which leaves them and their administrations prone to the onslaughts of the takers.  They frequently do not rise to high offices, due to their kindness, benevolence and willingness to give to others, even though, with the right sense of things, they can be the most effective, amazing and desired leaders we could ever hope to have.  These folks absorb the negative aspects of the universe while reflecting the positive aspects.

In the end, one is a self-ending brain-type or version of consciousness, while the other is a self-promoting and self-sustaining version.  The takers destroy everything and, thus, destroy themselves in the process of taking so much while contributing so little, while the givers are left to endure all in the most spectacular and amazing ways.  It is time that we, as a species, commit to the cleansing of the universe of these takers through what givers do best: kindness, care, understanding, reflection and bringing out the best in others.  It is time that we regard the takers; the conservatives, the ideologues and those who simply absorb good and reflect only negative as people with poorly developed brains who need help and retraining in order to be actually productive, happy and healthy individuals.  If consciousness is apart of the universe, and our brains are simultaneously receivers and transmitters of consciousness, then it comes down to a very simple fact that small “self”, taking, and negative consciousness cannot exist on its own, just as large Self, giving and positive consciousness cannot exist without having takers to receive the gifts.

It’s time that we moderate and learn to do both giving and taking, in the name of our own self-interest, such that we’re all able to live happy, productive and sustainable lives.  By this, I mean that givers need to take the influence back from the takers and keep it with them, such that they give the gift of new life to those who would otherwise be takers.  Takers, in the meantime, need to give effort and work into cultivating a more positive, accurate and sensed vision of the universe and effectively undo what probably is a complex soup of genetics, epigenetics and learned behavior in their brains, such that they don’t destroy themselves in the process of “serving” themselves.

This is the conundrum of our time.  Consciousness has evolved to the point in the universe where it seems to be able to either make or break itself and the universe that it produces and is produced by.  This is a question of larger cosmological survival, and I’m not sure the physics has caught up to this point yet to understand consciousness, the brain and how it all works to form this, the universe in which we are all living and are apart of.

One for you to think on.

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

This all needs to be backed up by deeper examinations of physics, the brain and the nature of our universe.  This is just a simple way of thinking about things that may or may not be accurate within our societies and the universe, based on observation and reflection upon the observation.

I don’t know how to state it any more eloquently than it being a question of general givers and general takers.  But this is what I’ve synthesized from the works of John Jost, Buddha and some of the latest findings in quantum physics and neuroscience.

For what it’s worth, enjoy.

Think about it.


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