A New Scientific Frontier

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The social sciences will never be able to be as accurate or as precisely quantifiable as the technical and physical sciences.  This does not mean that we cannot discover function, causation, predictability and repeatable facts.  It just means that it’s not likely to be as mathematical or as precise as the technical and physical sciences.  Where do you draw the line between blue and green, for example (two colors who touch each other on the visible light spectrum)?  Each wavelength of hue and shade will have people advocate for that particular wavelength as the “official” demarcation point between blue and green.  It is a pointless argument to draw that precise a distinction amongst the wavelengths.  That being said, we can, through the gift of our intuition and our, hopefully, more or less accurate abilities to perceive the universe, we can come to a consensus as to whether or not we’re looking at one or the other, even if there could be a lot of debate at the very finest of levels.

Therefore, I don’t see a problem with calling the social science, if used properly practiced as a science, as a science.  The key element is to be open to new ideas and to explore phenomena which do actually exist in our universe, just as much as protons or electric frequencies or gases, etc, etc.  We’ve had several people in the past who have intuitively grasped the basic concepts (Confucius, Adam Smith, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, etc).  Trouble is, no one to date has really put these principles of how to economically and socially get along within the context of the environment into action in a self-sustaining manner in a systematic and cultural level.

Social science, the study of societies and all their roots, products and contexts is a new frontier for systematic scientific inquiry.  Most likely it will be one of the more significant studies and practices that we can commit ourselves to as a species.

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

“Always forward, never straight.”  -Alan Dunn

Onward to the edge.

Think about it.


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