Undoing Conservatism and the Influence of Ideologues

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Getting rid of conservatism and ideologism in a society is like getting rid of a tumor on the collective mind that is society.  You can’t do it unless the general public wants it to be done, and you must do it in the most socially accepted, legitimate and, ultimately, benevolent manner that you can do it.

These folks, I think, are mostly mentally ill.  Too much focus is spent on the small, individual sense of how things ought to be.  Too much violence is spent on the general public to MAKE the rest of the society be according to the conservatives’ patterns and tastes.  Not enough emphasis is placed on how the society is, where the society needs/wants to go, and how the people of any given society want to be and define themselves.  They are, I think, primarily callous people who are not in the least bit concerned with the actual well being of the society or the environment, and who are so wound up in weird rationalizations of their behaviors, actions, and beliefs to notice just how far off they are from where people want and need to be.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me how they choose to live their lives.  What I don’t like is how they keep insisting on butting into everyone elses’ lives, to make people, myself included, to be subjected to their social norms and their incorrect beliefs about how I am, how I should be, and how the world that we all live in operates.  It’s one thing when you lead your own life in a self-imprisoned manner.  It’s another thing to run for office, to make laws that other people are subject to, and to enforce those laws upon the general public.

Conservatives live in a world of their own creation.  They seem to lack the inclination and curiosity to seek out how the world actually works, and chooses instead to stick with the way that they think it works, regardless of whether it’s actually how it works.  This leads to them being incredibly dangerous when they are given control and/or influence over governments, societies; they don’t and won’t know what they’re looking at and will not come to the best possible conclusions from it, for their own selves, let alone, for all of their societies.

Bear in mind, that the ideologues of the left aren’t any better.  Too much emphasis on belief, not enough on the real world and the practical.  This being said, ideological progressives aren’t likely, at the moment, to organize and rise to real power, nor should they ever really be allowed to in the first place.  I would not replace the tyranny of the conservatives for the tyranny of the ideologues.

So, like the ideologues of the left, the only sure way to get rid of the conservatives is to let them hang themselves through their actions.  Let society find out what it’s like to live in a real conservative paradise.  They’ll be sick of the violence, the repression, the ineffectiveness in time.  It’s just a shame that it will take so long to undo something that is so intuitively bad for each and all of us.

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

My only wish is that we handle the conservative menace to our societies as well and as nicely as we possibly can.  I honestly think these are people who have no conception of anything larger than their immediate social circle and no concern for the well being of others or the environment to boot.

Straight jackets and treatment.  No bullets or prison.

It will be kindness that wins the day for the grounded progressives and the rest of humanity as well.  It is the best possible path that we can go down, for our own sakes.  I would expect nothing short of benevolence, understanding, empathy, and care from those who are actually human in the head.

Think about it.


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