A Look Back and a Look Forward

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So, you think we’re an intelligent, reasonable, rational, and well put together species on the whole?


Just remember that we are the same species who has spent most of our recorded history fighting amongst each other over which deity, made up spiritual path, or religious law is superior or correct, even though the universe has been pretty consistent with the laws and boundaries that are actually in place and are actually effecting our lives here and now, in spite of the chatter that we make up.  We’re the same species who has fought with each other in times of plenty when there was no survival need for the competition over resources.

We’re the species who has consistently allowed, enabled, and supported the same type of baboonish people to rise to places of power, control, authority, and responsibility.  And, when given the opportunity to do away with them through acts of violence or peaceable elections, the people we put in charge become, again, the same baboonish group that we ousted in the first place, having learned no apparent lessons from their predecessors.  We enable, allow, and encourage people to ruin our environment, our societies, our homes, and our homelands for the sake of something that we’ve made up; something that we do not really need and should not really want past a certain point or produced in a certain manner.  We even aspire to be like these same individuals and do the same things wrong that they’ve done to us and themselves.  Why?  Because we’re told that that’s the way we should want it.  Because most of us really don’t have a clue about what will make us happy internally, nor have we been encouraged to seek that inner happiness in Western culture.  Even the Buddhists, the people who allegedly train in finding inner peace and happiness deliberately don’t necessarily do this stuff well.

So, here we are.

Alive and kicking, for what point or purpose I don’t know, about to all die as a result of our collective and individual stupidity, senselessness, and carelessness for our own selves, let alone, for the larger society and environment that we live in.

I gotta tell you, humanity, I’m pretty damned disappointed in what we’ve been up to for the past odd 200,000 years.  Yes, we’ve made civilizations, yes, we’ve done some really cool things.  But what was the point of any of that stuff if we individually and collectively can’t figure out how to even be well and happy on this plane of existence?  What is the point if we’re just going to kill ourselves over stuff we don’t need and shouldn’t really want?

Think about it.

Because this is your life on the line too, don’t you know; your happiness, your well being, your survival.  If that’s worse less to you than the amount of marginal money that you’re making, your priorities are probably messed up and, more importantly, your brain is probably not a functional or healthy one for your own sake and well being, let alone, for all of our sakes and well being.  What’s the point in being rich for being rich?  What’s the point in making money in ways that kills you and everyone you need and could want?

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Honestly, I feel like an alien sometimes amongst these monkeys.  I don’t value their Gods, or their religions, or their beliefs in how things work.  I just try to figure out how to be well in my own right, and how to achieve that happiness empirically and demonstrably.

Don’t know what I’m doing here, if all that’s going to happen to these chimps is death, destruction, and chaos.  It’s not like I’m going to be able to help them help themselves or to prevent them from making their mistakes.

What a silly species.  No wonder they’re about to die off.




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