Iraq cleric issues Shia call to arms

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Iraq’s most senior Shia cleric urges people to take up arms against Sunni-led insurgents sweeping across towns killing hundreds, the UN says.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

Not quite the move I would have done.  By making this only a Shi’a vs. Sunni fight, the Ayatollah has opened the possibility of this becoming another pure ethnic blood bath.  Where is Moqtada al-Sadr to bring together Sunni, Shi’a and Kurds alike to fight against the common conservative enemy?

ISIS is not going to be popular once and if they take over.  They’re inanely bloody, heavy-handed, and idealistically authoritarian to boot, a combination that rarely creates massive popularity over time.  ISIS is a problem for everyone in Iraq and the world: a militant, authoritarian, ideological conservative force that is going to ruin people’s lives should they get any real authority and relative power within a given society.

The same can be said about all conservative forces in our society.  They match neither the religious messages that we have nor the basic principles that our societies are founded upon.  Conservatives and conservatism are menaces to all of our peace, stability, and well being.  Look what they do when they have power.  Look at the laws that they actually support and the practices that they carry out and condone in order to get those laws done.  They are neither based in empirical reality, nor are they even grounded in basic tenants of human kindness, well being, and happiness.  It is time that we each and all, put the conservatives into the mental health care systems that they belong in, to be treated, cared for, and democratically removed from holding office.  The conservative brain is not fit for office.  And, this is history talking, not myself.

Think about it.

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