Recession ‘led to 10,000 suicides’

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The economic crisis in Europe and North America led to more than 10,000 suicides, according to figures from UK researchers.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

And this is just a rough estimate.  Laissez-faire economics kills when it’s put into place, owing to the irresponsibility of the financiers and corporations and the disincentive to be responsible when faced with the prospect of turning a larger profit or moderating one’s actions and demands in light of common reality and common well being.

This is what conservatism does to people and to societies.  It enables the excess of liberty and freedom of a few people (because there’s only so much freedom and liberty that you can potentially have as a human being) who questionably deserve it, while  denying it to the general public who actually do the work that produces the wealth that they, the rich, enjoy in excess.  They complain about greed, and yet do nothing nor want nothing to reign them and their class in from it.

The business class and the investor class seem to be nothing more than a pack of insolent children who resent having an adult’s necessary presence to keep their behavior from becoming self-destructive and self-harming, in the grand scheme of things.  They have forgotten what happens when they remove the controls on their behavior.  Quite frankly, I’m personally inclined to let them continue on this path until they’re killed off by the rest of society, because they didn’t get the message after Franklin Roosevelt came in and saved their bacon with the New Deal.  It’s either we let them kill themselves (and the rest of us) off, or we put them into psychiatric wards for having an obsessive compulsion for money, material wealth, and financial gain beyond what they can use or need.

Take your pick kids.

Either sit down, shut up, and acknowledge how you’re bound to the SOCIETY.

Or get wiped out as a class of individuals.

The choice is up to ya’ll; you’re old enough that you should know the difference and to make that choice.  Just remember that the whole of society will self-correct and, thus, correct yourselves, either through peaceable or violent actions.

The choice is up to you.

Think about it.

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