Calculated Progress

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Scientific progress, without consideration into potential long term and short term consequences of that progress and research, is in no one’s own best interest. The species wouldn’t have survived, individually and collectively if we had just thrown ourselves off ridges without checking how high the ridge was and/or what was below. We can’t predict everything and, many a time, even our best predictions are going to be wrong. That being said, I would strongly advise the scientific community to proceed with extreme caution when developing intelligent machines, automation for higher level and lower level jobs, and computer implants for humans.

I personally don’t have moral problems with advancing the species. I have practical problems that I don’t see the present scientific community working to address. What happens to an economy when all the human workers are out of a job with no prospect of getting them back? What happens to a society when that happens, physically and psychologically? What would we do if we had no work to do? What would happen to us if we became actually dependent upon machines and the machines all broke or were destroyed?

Food for thought.

No sense in proceeding like Disney’s version of lemmings.

Think about it.

Eli Levine‘s insight:

What possesses people to jump off cliffs and not look first is beyond me.

Still evolving that kink out of the system, I suppose.

Think about it.


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