Quantum biology: Algae evolved to switch quantum coherence on and off

A UNSW Australia-led team of researchers has discovered how algae that survive in very low levels of light are able to switch on and off a weird quantum phenomenon that occurs during photosynthesis.

Source: phys.org

The article doesn’t quite explain how or why this is important or significant.

However, it does give more evidence to the hypothesis that all life is, oddly enough, interacting on the quantum level and that there is no real distinction or separation of one organism or object from another.

Imagine how quantum physics effects our own brains and sense organs; how we navigate and make sense of the world that is, apparently, around us.  Imagine what that then does to the universe itself that is around us and that also is us.

Most definitely, go deeper on this one.  This “quantum biology” may help unravel the function and processes of life, the universe, and everything.

Think about it.


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