Why liberals like walkability more than conservatives

New poll data shows that Democrats and Republicans are deeply divided when it comes to urban density versus suburban sprawl.

Source: grist.org

What can I say?

It’s an interesting finding, and the causation is going to be obscure and dependent upon the individual.  But not a terribly surprising one.

What are the conservatives but the anti-social amongst us?  Angry, barbaric, cruel, and callous towards anything and anyone who is opposed to their views or somehow perceived as being different.  And, no, the numbers don’t show that extreme liberals have the same problem.  Just click the link to the poll to see that fact in play.

It will be interesting to see if these findings remain consistent if done by other polling centers, asked in the same way and done in the same fashion.  But I fear for this country’s well being, and not just because of the ideologues on either side who care nothing about the empirical and repeatable nature of the world that is around them.

Think about it.


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