A Letter to Friends

Dear Conservatives from Any Culture,


I’m writing this letter as a friend and fellow human being who is concerned about your health.  Lately, it’s come to my attention that you’ve been accepting and believing some very strange “facts” and “truths” about this world and how it can function.  I’m concerned that you all may be just a bit off base with regards to how you’re sensing, perceiving, and working with reality for your own sakes, let alone, for all of the sakes of those who are on the receiving end of your decisions, directly and indirectly.

Rest assured, that I don’t mean to leave the ideological Left out of my critique as well.  Goodness knows there are enough genuinely crackpot ideas out there that haven’t been put away.  But it has, as of late, primarily been coming from your end of the political spectrum, especially with regards to the production and development of actual policy makers making actual policy for our society and amongst the societies of the world.  I know that it’s actually a bitter pill to swallow and that you’re not likely to listen to me anyway.

But that’s a big part of my point: you don’t listen and you don’t care to listen about the needs, thoughts, opinions, desires, and wants of the rest of the social world that is around you.  I mean, toddlers are taught to “listen to their bodies” in order to help them figure out potty training and how to alert adults to when they’re ill.  It is not apparent that you all have made the next step to listening to the social and ecological world that is around you for cues as to what is needed from you when you sit in seats of power, consequence, and authority.  As a matter of fact, you tend to proactively disregard those messages which cue you and yours in to what you and yours need to do when you’re in government to maintain a reasoned balance amongst everybody and the environment, and then impose your own vision of what you’d like done over those evident and apparent needs of the general public relative to the environment that is around you.  I’m telling you all this as a friend, and as someone who doesn’t want the world to be self-eliminate because of your disinclination to accept, work with, and adapt to facts that are around you and are apparently apparent to everyone else who is living on this planet, in this society, and in the context of our environment and universe.

Please, for the love of goodness and all that is holy, sit down and cease to control the reigns of society, or else I will not guarantee your individual and collective safety as the public fumes at the dysfunction, ineffectiveness, and callousness towards the public that you all have generated.  Crops are going to start dying off, because of YOUR environmental policies.  People aren’t going to be able to afford to buy the basic necessities of life in spite of working over 40 hours a week at multiple jobs, thanks to YOUR labor and economic policies.  And when all is said and done, you will all be left with your more amoral and “pragmatic” friends in the business and financial community with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  You can either go quietly into mandatory psychiatric treatment, or you can be mowed down by the mob like Qaddafi was just 3 years ago.  Personally, I don’t care at this point so long as you’re all removed from power.  You’re all dead people anyway.  The only thing you have an inkling of control over is how you’re remembered and, in your cases, how you go down.  We can either label you and your ideological progeny as dangers to themselves and dangers to others, or you can be wiped out by the public you had so much contempt for.

This is Governing 101.  If you don’t like running the risk of being killed in office, don’t bother running for office.  If you’re not going to govern a society in such a way that you won’t be able to square that basic requirement for survival, then please, let other people have a shot at it.  You’re only digging your grave deeper, and the public will remember what you did to them.

Think about it.

-Eli Levine

This is the simplest and nicest way that I can put it.  Life is sometimes the price for poor governance, and these conservative and ideologically types don’t seem to get it.

Thus is how it was, is, and always will be.

I can’t cry anymore.

Think about it.


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