Economic vs Business Management

Managing an economy is different from managing a business, just as managing your individual self is different than managing the whole of human society and ecosystem that you’re of, in, and around.  There is such a thing as excess for the individual, just as there is such a thing as excess for the business within the economy.

A business is, after all, just one actor composed of actors within the context of the whole economy.  The maximum well being for the business, separated from the economy and society, is not the same as the maximum well being of the economy itself, especially when the economy is made relative to the average person living in society.  This is how we see high company profits (good business health) while the economies themselves are lagging behind in growth and the societies are generally lacking in well being and health.  The economy is about people who are living in the society; a business is just concerned with their specific task(s) and making as much money as possible from those tasks.  It is the failure of the business class to recognize this distinction that is, ultimately, going to cause the implosion of their world and everything that they value.

Since businesses are inclined to, eventually, peel away from going for the well being of the public for the sake of their own well being, it takes a separate institution to make sure that it all works cohesively together for the general public as opposed to just the business entities.  The society can either form into a mob whenever business interests reneg and drag their feet at fulfilling the social contract, or it can form a legitimate authority in a government whose members recognize their own well being as being intimately linked to people and their well being who can carry out and enforce these principles separately and independently from the business interests.  The businesses and business class will kill themselves off if they don’t evolve into entities and individuals who will, at the very least, accept the necessary constraints from government for the sake of society.  It is for their sake that profit sharing, environmental regulations, health and safety laws and financial oversight is put into place, such that they do not kill or harm the rest of the social and ecological world in which THEY ARE APART OF.

If the business interests wish to have the whole of the world, and to kill it off in order to have their little piece of it, I say “let them have it all”, just as the woman on trial in front of Solomon did for her baby.  I love this society.  I love this planet,  I love this universe, in spite of everything that it dishes out to me and to beings around me.  I know it will live on in whole, though much more worse off, under the reign of businesspeople, conservatives, and ideologues.  I leave it to the universe to judge what is the best course of action.  I have had no reason to believe in miracles that actually last.  Maybe one day the universe will prove me wrong.

Think about it.

Because this is the key difference between how a government and its members ought to think about business and how a business person will think about his/her business.

One just eats.  The other has to maintain balance.

Think about it.



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