The Social Contract

A government’s business is based on the relationship that its members have with the general public in society and amongst the societies of the world.  It is, if the government is working well, seen as a long term relationship that needs to be maintained positively.  Failure to live up effectively to their end of the perpetually present social bargain is a sure way to lose legitimacy, authority, abilities to act, and ability to even remain present in the society in which it is attempting to operate and survive in.

Even if the public doesn’t vote, the anger and hostile sentiments against the government and its members remain present.  In fact, it is safer for the government and its cohorts to be thrown out through elections than to risk being thrown out by an angry mob.

Unfortunately, the fools who presently are sitting in power don’t, won’t, or can’t seem to get that they’ve actually been playing with a fire that is so large that it can consume the world.  They seem to have no perspective on history, no perspective on their current predicament, and no ability to come up with effective methods of getting out of said predicament, other than to bully, lie, cheat, and continue to exhibit the same negative behaviors and perspectives that got them into the mess in the first place.  It’s as if their brains have etched themselves into a habit loop that is extremely difficult to break, due to their original false perceptions and beliefs about how power works and what is needed to actually maintain power sustainably, reliably, and in actuality relative to the sentiments and beliefs of the general public.  It is not the brute who wins over the hearts of the public, even if they may awe at him/her, nor is it the cheater who sneaks in.  It is a benevolent, effective, sincere, and genuine leader who works for the sake of the other that receives the most amount of good will from the rest of the populace they are living with.

Therefore, a government, and its members’ proper relationship and perspective to a given society is as a coequal partner who loves the other altruistically.  Without this love, a government and its members will not effectively govern a society well for their own sakes, let alone, for the society’s sake.  They will miss opportunities that the society could do to act on their own of their own initiative.  They will impose their order artificially on the society that is in question and produce sub-optimal results for the general public, either by accident at best, or by malevolent negligence at worst.  Without this basic love of society, let alone, a basic love of self that will cue in people’s instincts as to whether or not to change courses, a government will not last long, no matter how well designed the institutions may have been on paper.  It all comes down to the people whom you stock the institution with that determines whether or not it’s going to be a functional, effective, and self-sustaining institution.  All comes down to the individual and collective contents of the brain, and nothing else, really.

Think about it.

Because a society beyond a small group of humans does not function well without a government.  A society without that kind of organization does not usually stand much of a chance out in the wild where division of labor and a host of other general living problems becomes difficult due to the small numbers of the group.

Libertarians have a great ideal for small scale human organization.  However, as soon as you get above a small hunter-gatherer band, the idea collapses.  After all, the extent hunter-gatherer bands of this world are actually hyper-aggressive towards those who violate group dynamics.  No liberty there, really, in spite of the lack of central government, and no application on the larger scale that our societies have evolved to for their own sakes.

Think about it.


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