A Path to Success in Iraq

In Iraq, we need to weed out, separate and allow ISIS to alienate itself from the general public of the Sunni population of Iraq.  The only way to do this is to provide them with an alternative to the highly unpopular Nouri al-Malaki, who has governed Iraq under strict sectarian lines, rather than as a unified society of peoples banded together by some possibly drunk British diplomat’s lines in the early 20th century and a common history of existence together.

I do not believe that ISIS will be a healthy alternative for Iraqi society.  I think that their rigorous religious and ideological devotion will drive their people to possible rebellion against them, if given enough time and liberty to do as they’re inclined to do.  The may be adapting tactics as we speak to make themselves more appealing than Nouri al-Malaki.  But remember, that if the Sunni had an alternative to Nouri al-Malaki in Baghdad, they may be more willing to switch sides and join with a moderate and reasonable unity government.

Extremists and conservatives may get the burst of support in the short term when societies are perturbed.  However, just as the Ayatollahs and conservatives are facing push back in Iran, so too will the conservatives of Iraq face their push back in time.  The key to fighting them is to provide psychologically and physically better alternatives who actually follow through on the appropriate courses of action for the general public and to otherwise leave the society to govern itself according to its own logic.

Therefore, I would hope that the US advises al-Malaki to hold elections and resign from power as a gesture of support for the country (which may not actually remain a country, given the historic relations of the societies who were bunched together in that territory by said drunk British diplomat in London.  There is a chance to save Iraq as is.  But it will require the sacrifice of its current leader and attitude towards leadership, neither of which seems actually feasible to play out in reality.


But oh well.

Think about it.

Cause we’re going to war again.

Hopefully for better reasons and better effects.

Think about it.



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