Libertarian Foibles

A government of a society focuses on the systems level of its given society and acts as an agent within the context of the context of the larger societal system that it is apart of on the international level.

In the US, the state, local, county, and tribal governments are all actors constrained by the hegemony of the larger federal government.  However, the federal government needs to work with each of these governments and the other actors and agents in a local community (including and not limited to business leaders, non-profit organization, churches, community groups and individual residents) in order to effectively carry out domestic policy.

The problem with Libertarianism is that it is only focused on the individual agents’ level of existence.  It does not have a system-wide focus or lens that enables its followers to enact or see or desire policies that benefit the individuals living in the context of the larger social, economic, and ecological systems.  In order for the individual to be well and to have an optimal level of well being, health, and survivability, you have to look at the making changes in the larger social system, thus effecting the ways that the agents behave and perceive the world, thus allowing them to actually realize and achieve for their own selves their own individual levels of happiness and well being.  A well funded, well conceived, and well operated educational system with good people filling that system is essential for the physical and psychological well being of the individual living in a society.  A healthcare system that is not for profit and operating to deliver health instead of financial returns on financial investment not only improves worker productivity and public health, but it also improves the ability for the individual to live a life free from the threat of disease and injury that can otherwise ruin their livelihood and well being.  Their religious devotion to “liberty” and “freedom” blinds them and inoculates them from feeling empathy towards the suffering that is created when the system’s administrator is laissez-faire and permissive of abuses by private elites or negligence towards the health and quality of life faced by the people to whom the leadership of our society is responsible to.  In seeking liberty without having a functional and effective state apparatus, the Libertarians, in practice, put the cart before the horse and expect a society to operate in a healthy manner magically.

If the Libertarians wish to have their own country to manage as they see fit, then I welcome the experiment, provided that they do not run interference with those of us who would rather have an effective, functional, responsive, and benevolent state.  Ideology will only get a society so far, while empirical function, research, and calculated action can truly create a world of value to the people who live in it.

Imagine a garden, one that is tended to using empirical knowledge about botany and is proactively tended to, and one that is simply allowed to go fallow.  Eventually, weeds will over take the laissez-faire model and the garden that was meant to feed the gardener and his/her family will prove useless to them.  Too much chaos is never a good thing in the short or long term.  That’s what Libertarians fail to accept and appreciate, owing to their deviant psychological inclination towards chaos and uncertainty.  The garden that is proactively tended, using empirical knowledge of how things interact and empirically grounded techniques that are developed, improved upon, and implemented appropriately will more likely produce sustenance for the family in question.  Its weeds are kept at bay, its plants are allowed to grow in according to nature (note, that the gardener does not force them to grow in a particular way, but allows them to grow naturally), and its environment adapted to, with the worst bouts of weather mitigated and prepared for with recovery techniques ready to be deployed when appropriate.

If you’d rather live in a world infested by weeds, with the productive plants driven out or killed than be my guest.  Just understand that it is only as a result of your own biases and your own brains’ inclinations and nothing that you have or had any real control over to begin with.  We are just ticking along with what our brains perceive and do.  No actual freedom present in our world.  Why bother rigging ourselves for self-destruction for it?

Just sayin’.

Think about it.

I don’t know how people cling to political ideologies when there are so many truths out there that can be seen, observed by everyone, including the ideologues in question.

So many mental gymnastics to maintain belief in things that don’t actually work.  It’s just as bad as religion without truth, except this infiltrates our secular halls of power and then makes choices based on these incorrect and sub-optimal beliefs that effect everyone else.


Think about it.


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