Ukraine to sign EU deal this month

The new president of Ukraine says he will sign a controversial association agreement with the EU on 27 June, as fighting rages in the east.


I think this is happening way too fast and without having the support and consensus of a third of the country (who happens to occupies the main economic heartland of Ukraine).

If I were in Mr. Poroshenko’s place, I would be working to build reconciliation and understanding amongst the Russian and Ukrainian people living in Ukraine.  What Mr. Poroshenko is doing, however, is simply asserting Kiev over what actually are legitimate concerns that are held by the Russian-Ukrainian people of the south and east of the country.  What are they going to do if they stop receiving orders from Russia for their goods?  What is going to happen when Russia clamps down on the natural gas supplies that heat and fuel Ukraine’s economy?

It’s amazing to me how silly the Kiev government is acting, considering it’s going to need support from both Russia and the EU in order to fix its economy.  Furthermore, I don’t see why they’re making overtures to be with the EU directly when they know that that is going to push Russia to be more assertive in other areas.  The sanctions that the US is deploying in Russia are being circumvented by the Chinese and other powers.  If anything, this is going to make Russia less dependent on the well being of the West and, thus, make the cost of Putin going against the West cheaper than it already is.  We’ve given up and, apparently, encouraged Ukraine to give up that influence for the sake of the Ukrainian’s perceived ability to beat up on its Russian citizens (which has proven to be not the case anyway).  Ukraine may have very little experience with democracy and principles of democratic inclusion.  However, the West apparently failed to advise them to reach out to their Russian citizens.  Thus, we have chaos in Ukraine when we could have had something closer to order.  Vladimir Putin may be funding and funneling money and resources to the rebels.  However, if the Ukrainian government had included the Russians into the transition process from the start, would there have been any rebels willing to take those weapons in the first place?  If there were rebels, wouldn’t they have been turned in by their compatriots for being socially illegitimate and defined as criminals against a legitimate social authority than seen as rebels against an illegitimate one?

Think about it.

Because this is how you fight insurgencies and rebellions.  It is not through force, but through listening, trying to comprehend, and then making reasoned adjustments that you actually follow through on and carry out.  Force only exacerbates the problem and creates more resistance that eventually does get loose on you.  Even if it doesn’t get loose, you’re in constant fear of it becoming loose.  Why waste the time, money, energy, and peace of mind to get what usually is something that is beyond your reasonable reach as a governing person or faction?

Think about it.


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