US to send military advisers to Iraq

President Obama says the US is sending up to 300 “military advisers” to Iraq and may take “targeted military action” against Islamist insurgents.


I would concur with this action and add air support in coordination with Iranian and Iraqi ground forces.  If only al-Malaki would step down as leader of Iraq to win back the Sunni population.  Above all things, I think, Iraq needs a unifying figure to lead it with sincere unifying actions to follow.  ISIS is a common threat to everybody in the region, even for the Saudis who fund them.

After all, what’s to stop these demons from going after the opulent and often times hypocritical Saudi royal family after they’re finished in Iraq and Syria?  What would stop a hero’s welcome from becoming a bloodbath in Riyadh?

Perhaps the US should quietly make that point to the Saudi King and his subjects?

I doubt we will.  Interpersonal relations does not seem like it is an actual strong point of US strategy.  All we know is guns versus bigger guns.  No strategy, no diplomacy, no politicking added into the mix.

Just some thoughts.

Think about it.



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