What I Would Teach

The common problems in societies are conservatives and ideologues.  Not only do they lack the compassion and empathy needed to effectively govern a society and act within the larger world around them, but they also lack the sense and the willingness to explore problems with their beliefs and propositions.  This then means that they produce sub-optimal policy, which then leads to sub-optimal results within the given society that they’re wielding influence in.

If I could have one wish with regards to politics and governance, it would be to perpetually and sustainably eliminate the influence, power, and control of conservatives and ideologues in a society.  I would teach people to recognize good governance and good governors/legislators/statespeople for their actions, not their words, and to draw causal links between certain behaviors, policies, and actions and the benefits that they yield for the public.  I would teach the public how the mechanics of societies work and what to expect from a governing body based on the public’s expressed needs, desires, and interests.

At the very least, I would teach the people who would want to govern and administer the world how to act in their own self interests by adapting to changing conditions, new knowledge, and demands made by the public, rather than overriding these concerns and issues for some opinion that they may have about this, that, and the other thing.  It’s fine to have hypotheses when we lack the awareness, know-how and knowledge.  Just ground them in reality and don’t be too upset if they get proven to be wrong.

Honestly, how hard are those concepts?

Think about it.

May all beings be happy.

And may I lead them into a position where they can better achieve that happiness.

Think about it.


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