Does Culture Matter for Economic Growth?

There’s been an increasing number of papers concerned with culture and its relationship to economic growth. I happened to just see this working paper by Di Tella and MacCulloch (2014), but the idea…


Culture is one of the roots from which economies grow, along with available resources, and technology.  It shapes not only how resources get allocated and how much work gets done, but also what kinds of businesses grow up, how they’re run, and a host of other factors that contribute to the development of an economy.

It shapes the definitions of each society’s needs, wants, wishes, hopes, and abilities/willingness to work towards those need, wants, wishes, and hopes.  It also helps create the architecture, ethic, and logic of governments, which then influences and shapes what kind of society and economy is produced.

Most definitely, a field worth looking deeper into, without mathematical equations (especially linear equations), preferably.

Think about it.


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