Inappropriate Inaction

One has to really wonder about the rich in this world.  They bellyache, whine, and worry about being overthrown or killed by the people they have shown very little sympathy, empathy, or care for these past odd several millenniums, and then do nothing significant to remedy the situation.  It’s as if they’re waiting for their nannies to make things better for them; to wipe their a*ses and tell them that it’ll all be “ok”.

People have expressed their grievances very clearly to the rich over these past recent decades and years.  They’re unhappy that economic opportunity is lacking, in spite of record high profits and executive compensation packages, that the government that the rich have paid for is not acting on behalf of the wishes and needs of the public, and that the environment is being neglected and destroyed for the sake of these executives’ and investors’ profits.  You’d think a common sense investment would be to give some of the net profits back to the workers who produced it, steward the environment that we ALL depend on, and allow the government to respond effectively for peoples’ needs.

But NO!

They can’t or won’t handle even THAT proposal.  Thus, the rich create a self-fulfilling prophecy in which they die for the sake of marginal financial gains that they cannot use in business propositions that the probably shouldn’t be making in the first place.

Where’s the disconnect that prevents them from taking these common sense steps to freeing themselves up from the burden of an untimely death?  Is money REALLY that valuable to them?


Think about it.


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