Learning Favours the Brave

The challenges we are facing today see to be coming faster at us, more complex to decipher and then re-evaluate how we should respond. To achieve faster response we certainly need to educate the organization more than ever.

Source: paul4innovating.com

And, thus, conservatism becomes even LESS favored as a governing ideology and leadership trait.

Society is always on the move and our knowledge of the world is in constant flux.  It’s like a treadmill that never stops and may change pace at a moment’s notice.  If you keep doing the same thing or if you just try to stop, you’re going to trip, fall flat on your face, and potentially take the whole of society with you.

The brain type of a conservative, regardless of which political party they may affiliate with, is unfit for leadership and was unfit for leadership in any century or millennium.  They push the same buttons, over and over and over again, without any learning, any observation of the consequences of their actions, and without any adaptation for when the function of those buttons change.  It is a ridiculous brain type, truly, no matter how functional or put together they may be individually and collectively.  And they’re going to get us all killed if we allow them to remain in positions of power, consequence, and authority.

Think about it.


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