Southern Culture

The thing about the South in the Civil War, was that they were fighting for the RIGHT to have SLAVERY as a social institution.  SLA-VER-Y, based purely on ethnic and racial lines, not LI-BER-TY, based on inclusiveness.

Now, the Southern “culture” is about promoting a new kind of SLA-VER-Y, wherein people are not compensated for the work that they do that builds on the wealth of society.  They RESTRICT our DE-MO=CRAT-IC institutions to make it be so, and then PLUNDER the EN-VI-RO-MENT, in which we ALL have to make a living.  It doesn’t matter where the historic lines were or who’s involved in it now.  The present state of our economy and environment is a product of the Southern strain of American culture; unresponsive, unadaptive, and callous towards the actual state of well being of the social and environmental order in which they find themselves.  This is a SOUTHERN problem, even when it is present in the Northern states.

I for one, am SICK of this ANTI-SOCIAL, UNDE-MO-CRAT-IC, and CARE-LESS culture pervading OUR government, OUR society, and ruining our ACUTAL state of PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL well being.  It’s just laziness, inefficiency, and carelessness all around.

And people STILL will buy into it!

Let them take their own country.  Let them show to the world what happens when the SOUTH, regardless of state lines, is allowed to self-organize without the help from the NORTHERN culture of inclusiveness, respect, efficiency, and care about the world beyond a myopic vision of one’s own self.  At this point, I don’t care if they all die due to poor social management.  It’ll just be less baggage for us to carry around in the long term, should they so choose to remain unresponsive and unadaptive to the changing situation that is around them, not to mention, indifferent to the suffering of the people around them.

There’s no excuse for it anymore.  You’re either a callous bigot, who won’t accept facts and information from the world around you, or you’re a human being, who embraces the hard truths of the world around you, and makes changes according to that for your own sake at the very least, for everyone’s sake at the very most.

And to think we may have to fight a war to keep these ignoramuses from spoiling our world.

Think about it.

And, to my Southern friends, here is your choice:

Adapt, or risk killing everyone and everything that you value.

Think about it.


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