Show of force raises Iraq tensions

Thousands of Shia militia loyal to powerful cleric Moqtada al-Sadr parade in Baghdad, raising sectarian tensions amid fighting in northern Iraq.


Unfortunately, this article is not specific about with whom the tensions were raised.  The lead implies it’s against the Sunni, but if you read the article deeper it’s about al-Malaki.  Gotta be careful about the BBC, as it reflects Western interests and Western desires.

Interestingly enough, this did not seem to ping on Al-Jazeera.

Quite honestly, I wish either al-Sadr or al-Malaki would unifying message for Iraq and act on it.  Al-Malaki may be too far gone, with too much baggage to be accepted as a legitimate leader of Iraqi society.  This leaves al-Sadr to strike the unity between Sunni and Shi’a.  Quite honestly, at this point, I’m not sure he has the will, desire, or awareness to make that happen, if he can make that happen in the first place.

Think about it.


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