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Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the right track or not intuitively and in my own way, or whether I’m completely off course with how things actually are working in reality.

In government, I see it as a very simple process of finding out where the problems are in society and working with all members of society to resolve the problems.  I see it as a collaborative process where there is mostly listening to what is needed with a critical, but open ear, and then following through on those needs using empirically based and tested techniques to resolve the problems.  It’s trying to understand how economies work, and how the global economy works, rather than how businesses work, and how it all relates and connects to the environment in which we all have to live, on the localized through global levels.

I don’t know how to MAKE the organization of the government work better, other than to let it work naturally and then intervene when it is needed to improve function and the quality of results.  This then improves the chances of legislators and executives getting elected, and then, for administrators, improves the chances that they a) do a good job, b) leave a solid legacy behind and c) maintain the ability to keep their job and improve their career.

I’m going to take criticism with a critical ear, because sometimes people have good advice to offer, and sometimes, people are just incorrect and spouting off at you.

What do you think?

Think about it.


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