The Perennial Problem People in Our Society

You’re an ideological fool, or worse, a shameless money grubber, if you think that government ought to be laissez-faire about the well being of society and the nature of the economy.  I for one enjoy having some order, predictability, and standards when it comes to my doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and other certified positions and professionals, because it’s better to ensure they’re competent first than to let the market “work” its way out, to the tune of lives, assets, and liberties lost by shams and hacks.  Are there going to continue to be people getting into positions they’re not really inclined for?  Absolutely.  However, not only does government limit and actually minimize the effects of these hucksters from getting into places they really shouldn’t be, it also gives us legal recourse to go after them when they do do harm onto other people, such that we can do more than pound sand or go after them with violent methods.

I also like that government can improve standards of living in a society by enabling people to take on educational opportunities and trainings and to get preventative and post-incident medical care when they need to at cost, rather than have to finagle with an unaccountable and for profit insurance company.  I also like that government can maintain and support public works that the denizens of the free market investment club would not take on owing to the lack of return on investment that they expect for everything that they do.  I also like the public services that WE pay for, such that we can live in a safer, more organized, more sustainable, and better quality world than we would otherwise be in if we were to go “laissez-faire”.

There are many things that government cannot do in a given society.  It cannot force a people to be anything other than who and what they are, and they have to obey the physics of economies, societies, and environments in order to improve and maintain the quality of life for its citizens.  This being said, you are an unimaginative ideologue if you see nothing for government to do in our social and environmental worlds, when there is so much poverty, anger, ill will, and bad health being generated by its current set of laissez-faire and pro-business profit policies that it is pursuing.  All of these services come at a cost from the society; there is no truly free lunch here.  If the rich have a problem with being taxed so much relative to the rest of society, perhaps they should shift some of their income down to their workers so that we all can share more equitably in the burden of paying for that which we ALL depend on for our well being?  Perhaps they should put profit in its respective place relative to health and well being, and view positive returns on investment past a few years as a luxury that can be used for greater social and personal good than sitting around in some account, collecting low-return interest on low-risk and unproductive investments?  What good is a profit if it fails to provide value to the whole of society?

Idiots, money-grubbers, and ideologues:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the perennial problems that help increase our misery in this world through insisting on being apart of the government in places of consequence, authority, and responsibility.  Until they stop running, we decide to not elect them, or until we label them as the mentally ill and self-harming people that they are, we will never be able to truly realize our potential in this world.  We’ll just muddle on with their bs added to the normal bs that humanity and the universe dishes out to us.

Think about it.


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