The Value of Economic Liberty

Economic liberty, as defined by the ability to earn more than enough to cover your subsistence needs but less than becoming a millionaire or billionaire, is the only universally applicable form of liberty, and is one of the key root forms of liberty for producing a happy, health, and well off society.  Social liberties are all dependent upon the culture and the social environment in which they take root.  They depend on how a society conceives and perceives the liberty (such as freedom of speech or assembly or religion) and then how they execute them in their societies such that it makes sense and is beneficial for their people.

But once people have the ability to support themselves and provide for at least most of their wants, their abilities to tangibly live their lives increases several fold, as they don’t have to scramble in or beneath poverty for mere subsistence, if subsistence is even possible.  Peace of mind and body can settle in, and people can shape their own lives with the material resources that they have, for better and for worse as well.  The denial of economic liberty to the masses is perhaps the greatest crime against humanity, besides the destruction of our environments and ecosystems for the sake of what are marginal profits for the big business executives and their investors.  They fear death by the mob and yet do nothing significant or substantial to do nothing to make sure that that doesn’t happen, through allowing our government to function for the masses, socially and environmentally, and through enabling economic liberty for the masses through increases in pay and benefits to reflect actual productivity.

Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone magically becomes independent with economic liberty.  We’re all going to still be economically and socially dependent upon one another’s actions, just as we’ve always been throughout time and space.  The millionaires and billionaires always depend and have depended on the sweat and labor of the masses in order to produce their fortunes; no independence or “do it yourself” there.  We’re also going to be dependent upon the environment and its condition for our well being and survival, which then trumps economic wealth as defined by having more than you need to subsist.  But the basic principle of enabling as many people as possible to participate in the economy while balancing out incentives for innovation and leadership remains the way to grow an economy and, more importantly, ensure the well being of the whole society (including for the rich who receive less extreme paydays, because the society isn’t constantly in agro against them).  The individual companies can do this by giving better compensation packages to their average employees independently on a constant and consistent basis, or they can simply allow the government to determine fair profit sharing legislation that balances a company’s need to grow with the economic and social need to appropriately compensate workers for the work that they do.  This is before we get into the prioritization of environmental well being, which is also a necessity for the rich people living in society as well.

Amazing that none of these apparently inbred elites have gotten the message from history or nature.


Think about it.


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