What ISIL’s English-language propaganda tells us about its goals | Al Jazeera America

Group’s growing English-language propaganda seeks a more global audience, and reveals its more lofty ambitions

Source: america.aljazeera.com

This is and was my worst fear.

They’re aiming to out govern al-Malaki, and to provide an alternative to his seemingly ineffective, inefficient, and sectarian-based government.

If they were REALLY clever, they would be open to Shi’a and Kurds as well, and treat them kindly on a permanent basis as they march into their territory.

What this means is that we’re not going to be able to dislodge them militarily or covertly.  ISIS could end up being the democratic choice of the public of Iraq, and that would mean that any act of aggression against it will be seen by the society as an act of aggression towards its own self.  The only thing we would be able to do is wait for ISIS to corrupt itself or cross social lines to make them illegitimate in the eyes of the public.  Only then could we make a move against them on their home turf.

This is why it’s so important that we protect our own homeland as much as we can.  We can’t chase terrorists down world-wide and we sometimes give rise to them through our meddling in other peoples’ affairs to “protect” ourselves.  It is better to protect one’s own house and to see to its internal affairs, than it is to go into other peoples’ houses to meddle, connive, and contrive.  That doesn’t mean that we should be passive or ignorant about world affairs.  It just means that we need to be a Hell of a lot more RESPECTFUL and COMPREHENDING of other peoples’ cultures, tastes, and sensibilities in their own light.

We can justify action against ISIS for now, as protecting our country from the possibility of attack from a jihadi state.  However, we may need to ditch al-Malaki and throw our support behind whomever will be a more unifying character for Iraq.  This could mean al-Sadr.  This could mean anyone with enough street cred and respect amongst all Iraqis to unify a force against ISIS.  However, this may also mean that we’re going to have to talk (not negotiate) with ISIS and to establish a dialogue with them, if they’re going to be a player in the region’s future.  Hopefully their conservative and autocratic ways will alienate the public away from them.  Until that time, we’ve got to be cognizant of how much support they actually have at any given time, and to wait for the winds to change in our favor.

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That’s the kind of stuff that they’re going to be wielding.  And that’s how they’re going to alienate themselves from the larger social public.

Think about it.


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