A Methodology for Research

You must look at each society, community, and their associated economy separately before you can begin to map how each part horizontally and vertically relates to the others.  Each society’s social institutions will be different and that will produce different economies within the context of the global system, where they will all integrate in order to form a self-organized economic ecosystem that connects to the well being of a given society and to the well being of the environment and government.

It is helpful, at this stage, to do research into the atoms of the global economic system; the domestic economies and social institutions of each society and country.  However, in order to truly understand the whole, you must zoom out from the atoms to appreciate the molecules and how they’re put together and interact with one another, to form the economy.

It’s a 4-D thing, in that it works through time and all dimensions of what we’d know of as physical space.  The local levels feed the regions, regions feed the nations, nations also feed regions of nations, and regions and nations form the global world economy, which then goes back in reverse to touch the localities.

The equations of micro-economics and Neoclassical economics are bunk, along with their basic principles.  The basic principle logic of business, the entirely for marginal profit mantra, is also bunk to the production of a healthy economy, a healthy business, and healthy people.  It is the delusional individual who would destroy their home and society for the sake of cloth rag.  It is time that we, as a society, ceased accepting those levels of greed, and turned instead to focusing on how to live life, survive, and be well as a species.

Think about it.


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