How to Leverage Economic Growth for the Public Gain

The trick to leveraging economic incentives is to let new companies have a few years of net growth (after their initial investments have been paid off) before you leverage any kind of taxation upon the profits.  If their profit streams get larger, you can tax them more, but only so much as to enable them to keep growing.  This way, human nature is allowed to continue to function, vis a vis, greed, yet the public is able to receive its share of the profit (for all the services that governments provides).  No harm is done to the businesses, and society is enabled to flourish.

The beauty of intelligent, effective, and empirically grounded governance that serves the public is that the funds don’t go to waste without having significant kick back against the government.  In order to have economic growth, you’ve got to let the true entrepreneurs have the fruits of their labor while not allowing them so much of it that they kill themselves through social, economic, and/or environmental collapse.  It’s a balance that has to be reached, and the results, if they’re accurate, are more grounded in reason and fact than any of the Libertarian or conservative arguments bemoaning incorrectly perceived arbitrariness of the government.  They may govern the world capriciously, without reason or looking at the social and economic world that they’re working on, like a doctor who doesn’t bother to do a diagnosis of the patient before operating on them.  But that’s not the way that a self-sustaining government works.  It’s objective is to always do what’s actually best for the patient; the society as a whole.  That requires checking under the hood to see what’s actually wrong and how to actually take of it.   Libertarians, conservatives, and ideologues, don’t do that, which is what makes them unfit to be in government at the legislative and executive levels.

And so, we see here how we can harness entrepreneurial drive to work for the public’s good.  You need to let them get rich on their new idea and/or concept.  But, once they are rich, they need to be brought back to Earth, as it were, such that they don’t go over the edge into the land of lunacy and wealth that they can’t and won’t use.

Think about it.


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