Beware of unregulated dietary supplements – Consumer Reports News

No, Amoxilina is not the antibiotic amoxicillin. It’s a dietary supplement marketed mainly to Hispanics. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration said that four children in Texas were hospitalized after parents mistakenly gave the supplement to their children. While…


You know.  There’s a reason why and how we have a government to oversee our economy, our businesses, and our society.  If the laissez-faire market system worked in favor of everyone, this would self-correct instantly and no one would be harmed in the process of sorting things out.  This is clearly not the case, which prompts the need for government to effectively and transparently oversee our food, water, medicine, supplements, and anything else that the business world tries to get us to buy.  I’m not calling for price regulation or any other aspects of centralized market planning.  I’m calling for standards of safety and honesty, such that the consumer can make an honest and informed decision about what to buy and what to buy.

Sadly, the industry is excellent at the two things that really matter: false advertising and Congressional lobbying.  This is evident by the last time the FDA tried to regulate dietary supplements in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and how they’re responding to the incidents with Dr. Oz (who is probably sponsored by the industry anyway).  This leaves the public demanding that government “stay out” of dealing with parasites who are allowing people to die and then effectively buying up political influence in Washington to prevent things from changing anyway.  Americans are in an abusive relationship with our Capitalist overlords and ladies.  It shows when we collectively resist policy and personnel changes that may actually help us in the long and short term, physically and psychologically, for the sake of an incorrect perception and the machinations of the private industries who take control over our world.  It’s sad, pathetic, and ultimately the fault of Americans’ own stupidity and misperception of the world that is around them and trying to get them to choose a better path for their own sakes and benefits.

We’re not so much the land of the free and the home of the brave, but the land of the too stupid to form a solid and accurate view of the world in which we’re living, and the land of the too scared to take that extra step away from the corporatists and Capitalists who currently rape, abuse, pillage, and destroy their own world for the sake of their own marginal “profit”.  Oversight of industries and institutions that are, according to their own unchanging logic, destroy themselves, their societies, and their environments, is not a bad thing for anyone, including for the industry’s members.  It’s just money, after all, and it’s money that you’re not spending and will not be able to spend on top of that.

Americans have consigned themselves to the fate that they’re going to receive at the hands of the Capitalists, industry leaders, executives, investors, and sham politicians.  I will always be present to help, when and if they allow me to.  But this abuse is the fault of the abused, because if the abused were to take an effective stand against the abuser and leave the abusers in the dust, things would be different.

“Did you exchange, a walk on part in a war, for a lead role in a cage?” -Pink Floyd, “Wish You Were Here”.


Think about it.


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