The Decreasing Returns of Wealth

Perhaps Deng Xiaoping’s greatest weakness, is his misprioritization or misunderstanding of wealth.  Being rich is not, in and of itself, a path to being well.  Sometimes, being rich actually contradicts and ruins your ability to be well, if you become rich at the expense of the environment or the whole human society in which you live.  A better goal is to be well, not rich; healthy on the physical and psychological levels, not wealthy.

If only I had 5 bucks for every rich person I know who is not happy, not fulfilled, and downright miserable.  There is only so much wealth that one or a family needs in order to be well.  What then is the point of going way over that limit at the expense of your more human needs?

Think about it.

Because the environment, our society, and our individual lives are at stake and, quite frankly, I value those three things more than I value the amount of monetary or material wealth that I’m accumulating.

What’s the excuse of the businesspeople and bankers?

Think about it.


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