The Genius of Deng Xiaoping

The genius of Deng Xiaoping, was that he was able to grow what would become a thriving economy from the ashes of the Chinese Revolution, the Cultural Revolution, and Mao’s cult of personality.  He not only out maneuvered the old guard of the revolution, but also was practical and frugal enough to not waste energy, efforts, and resources growing ideologically based nonsense.  He kept control of the country’s capital through the central bank, and enabled a modicum of personal profit making to encourage party leaders and business people to grow and develop.

All that needs to be done in China, is to have the excess profits that are accumulating in those no-name accounts to be kicked down to workers, according to how the economy grows.  It may also be a good idea for their next leader to welcome some more individual freedoms of expression after the wages have been increased according to the profits realized.

What Deng proved is that you don’t need the international monetary system of capital to grow a powerful economy.  If you collaborate with your workers, enable people to get ahead personally (to a reasoned degree), and listen to what works rather than impose what you think would work, great things can grow from your society.  All that is left is stewardship of the environment and society, and a constant, proactive, and dedicated effort to understand what is there, how things are shaping up, what is changing, and how to approach that change such that everyone wins (meaning, the least amount of actual harm is done in a society to individuals).

The minority, no matter how powerful they may think they are, is ultimately bound to the will of the majority.  It is far better (and less messy) to sacrifice ones’ own marginal position for the sake of the common well being and to ride out the benefits that they receive from what is an honest sacrifice.

Not all who lose something are losers.  Not everything that you lose is worth having to begin with.

Think about it.


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