The Path to Heaven; The Path to Hell

It’s not just the money in politics that’s problematic to our society.  It’s also the caliber of the people we send to office, the substance of their actions while in office, that’s eroding our society and our polity from the inside out.

You need good people, with good intentions, good wisdom, good messaging, and solid, substantial action from the people who wield authority, responsibility, and control in our society.  Also, you need the negative in order to remind people how good things are under the an existing governing faction.  But that negative should never again return or hold power in a society without having a challenge to that negativity waiting in the wings to remove it from office again, and again, and again, until society is able to automatically recognize the negative and keep it out and recognize the positive and let it in.

Small selfishness, incorrect perceptions of reality and conceptions of the self, and ideological commitments based on nothing but faith are poison for governments and people who sit in governments.  Pragmatism, care, benevolence for the whole, and a solid comprehension of how the smaller self fits into the whole of the society and the environment is what is good for governments and governing members alike.

A pity we can’t or won’t see that in our country of incorrect perceptions of reality, self, and the world that is around us.

Think about it.


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