Human vs. Natural Law

The beauty of human-made laws is that they can be changed, altered, or removed for our own sake and benefit as a society.  Natural laws may not be so easily or readily removed, and may in fact cause considerable damage to ourselves if we ever figure out how to remove or alter them.  Cause and effect is always going to be there.  We should be mindful of both when making decisions in both our individual and collective social lives.

For example, a tax designed to go after the marginal returns on high profits that result from the diminution of quality has effects that are unknown on the economic system as a whole (think of the now 5oz can of tuna versus the old 8oz can of tuna).  The return on investment would still be high, just not as high as it would have been if the diminution of quality had taken place.  As such, it would be an experimental tax, first done on a small scale targeting a few of the older and more established industries in several localities.  If it has no significant impact other than to discourage eroding the quality of the goods, it can be implemented full scale.  If not, it can be removed or altered in order to produce the best results that are possible in the society through the economy.

The only ethic or ideology that suits a government’s own function and well being is altruistic love for the society and the people and environment that you oversee.  It needs resources to do this and the resources should be collected through non-intrusive and damaging manners to either individuals or to organizations.  No other framework, other than the scientific perspective on how things are and how things actually work or can work, has any business being in government or government offices for their own sake and benefit.  They are significantly less likely to come up with positive, effective, and socially beneficial solutions to societal and environmental problems.  They would take revenue blindly, without any regard for how it effects the economic system, or else, not take any revenue and prevent the government from delivering effective and necessary services to the public.  They would also not design effective plans and services for the public’s well being, owing to their lack of knowledge and care to have knowledge about their social and environmental worlds, and likely create all sorts of unnecessary (and unwanted) chaos in the social and environmental worlds for the sake of their truly sub-optimal and self-destructive ideological framework and perspective/conception of reality.  To not actually or effectively care for the society that you’re working for is an effective death sentence for your government and elite institutions and networks in the long term (which becomes the short term), either literally, through removal from office and society, or through the spoilage of your memory in the minds of people.  It is ultimately cheaper and better for you, as a leader, to just govern for the sake of your public and to do the job as intended than to attempt to go off on your own tangent or opinion trail and stifle the complaints that will happen along the way.

This much history has shown.  Again, natural laws, cannot be changed without having potentially severe and negative consequences for ourselves, if we’re able to change them at all.  Human-made laws, absolutely changeable.  The basic premise seems to be applicable in every society, even if the definition and goals of good governance varies from society to society.  Love, care, and a reliance on truth and facts, are most likely, I think, the things that will see a society and a government through until the end of the universe (or until things change faster than we’re able to adapt to them for survival).  The essence remains the same although the scientific method is technically the only method that will effectively see society and government through the issues and problems that they will each and all face.

Just remember: human laws, no matter how attached or religiously significant we can make them, can always be changed for our own benefit, while changing natural law runs the risk of doing significant damage to our own selves, if it’s actually possible to do so.

Think about it.


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